Every day should be National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Right? 

Oscar’s looking for some really rotten trash for his collection & needs your help! Play along!

Greetings from San Francisco!

It’s Children’s Book Week! Elmo and his dad love to read before bed! Show us a picture of your favorite book to read with the kids in your life!

Mother’s Day is just a few days away! Give Mom a priceless moment w/our Mother’s Day coupons!

There is broccoli on that plate.

You’ll have to hit the play button to find out why.

(Warning: song is catchy.)

Throwbath Thursday.

Follow the chocolate chip road.

Follow the chocolate chip road.

Follow, follow, follow, follow

Follow the chocolate chip road!

(Or just watch on YouTube!)

A friendly public service announcement from your neighborhood blue super monster.

There’s a new Sesame Street DVD out today — Alphabet Songs! Here’s a comic to celebrate!