Found this somewhere on the Internet. To whomever took it, great picture, and may you have many om nom noms.

Found this.

Loved it.

One question, though: How does one say “om nom nom” in Wookie? 

Cookie Monster and Abby Cadabby talk to TV Guide Magazine

NASA asks if anyone else thinks that the crater pictured above, on Mercury, looks like Cookie Monster

We think so. Now that we think about it, maybe Mercury is Cookie Monster, or his distant cousin maybe (?), and it’s circling the Sun in hopes of om nom noming some space cookies or something.

Okay, maybe not. 

Anyway NASA, thanks for thinking of us. 

You may see this as a pre-roll ad on YouTube. If you don’t, don’t worry! You can just come back here to watch it.


Last year, Elmo and Cookie Monster stopped by EW’s offices to perform their versions of some popular TV shows. This year, Elmo was too busy working on Elmo: The Musical — but Grover and Cookie Monster (a.k.a. the Blue Brothers) had enough wiggle room in their schedules to come around and sing a few musical numbers of their own, parodying the likes of The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Doctor Who, and even The Newsroom. Watch the video here.

Now with 33% more om nom nom.

On Wednesday Elmo, Grover, Rosita, Cookie Monster, and Katie, a Muppet created especially for Sesame Street's USO tour, stopped by an Arizona Diamondbacks game in Phoenix. Elmo even got to throw out the first pitch. Check out the photos from their trip to the ballgame.

How to make your own om nom noms.


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