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Coming Thursday, Jesse Williams comes to Sesame Street! He and Elmo learn the word “Furious!”

Romeo Santos is visiting Sesame Street Thursday! Here’s a preview of him singing “Quiero Ser Tu Amigo” with Elmo!

Coming to Sesame Street on Thursday…. USHER! He’s singing a special ABC song with Murray, Grover, Abby, and Elmo! Hit play for a sneak peek!

This is why we created a Little Discoverers section of our website. STEM for Preschoolers this way! —> http://sesamestreet.org/stem

Today, we launched Little Discoverers, teaching young children the concepts behind STEM – that’s “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.” Elmo and Abby host a series of game, videos, and experiments modeling these concepts and allowing children to explore the world of STEM! Click here to get started!  

Today is brought to you by the letter R.

Even on a rainy Monday, Elmo finds time for a smile.

Thursday Dance Party!

We’ve teamed up with the National Park Service to encourage children to go outside and explore nature. And as a bonus, Elmo and Murray get to dress up like rangers! And use binoculars! And wear awesome hats!

Sorry if you’re jealous.

(Read more about the initiative here. And then, go outside!)