Elmo demonstrates the word “Innovation” by showing Paula Patton some of his inventions!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

That’s a lot of fun! 

It’s not just the day of the big game… it’s also Elmo’s birthday! Happy Birthday Elmo, we hope it’s SUPER!

It’s Monday morning, Elmo! Time to wake up!

For Friendship Week, we made this little poster — we think it will bring you a lot of glee! 

Friendship Week continues! It’s seven days long… and three knights!

Friendship Week continues! Reblog this and Elmo will point to your name, so you can tell the world that Elmo loves you!

Zac Efron will be on the show tomorrow talking about the word “patience.” But in case you can’t wait until then, here’s a preview.


Last year, Elmo and Cookie Monster stopped by EW’s offices to perform their versions of some popular TV shows. This year, Elmo was too busy working on Elmo: The Musical — but Grover and Cookie Monster (a.k.a. the Blue Brothers) had enough wiggle room in their schedules to come around and sing a few musical numbers of their own, parodying the likes of The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Doctor Who, and even The Newsroom. Watch the video here.

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