Friday. Celebrate!

In our new Sesame Street comic, Super Grover teaches Elmo the trick to being a super hero. 

The Elmo the Musical DVD is out! Check it out to see “President the Musical,” where Elmo imagines a world where he’s the President!

A new Sesame Street comic book is out TODAY! Want to learn how to read a comic? Elmo can help! 

Elmo makes a sculpture for his friend Jon Hamm.

Don Cheadle and Elmo show that they’re great inflaters.

Waiting for the First Lady in a room with a view!

Elmo stays safe, and knows not to play near driveways or roads!

At Sesame Street, we aim to educate children around the world. We take that very seriously, and sometimes, it means we can’t just repurpose existing content.

Take the above. That’s Elmo, holding a camera and talking to Mr. Noodle. It’s from an episode created in 2005. But we couldn’t use it for Kinect Sesame Street TV … because many of today’s preschoolers don’t know how that type of camera worked.

2005 doesn’t seem like that long ago…