In our new Sesame Street comic, Super Grover teaches Elmo the trick to being a super hero. 

To boldly go where no furry, adorable blue monster has gone before. 

(Thanks, NASA!)

Happy Children’s Book Week! And after you’re done reading with your children, print this!

Who turned out the lights?

Who Spoofed it Better?

Cookie Monster spoofed Call Me Maybe. Grover spoofed the Old Spice guy. But who spoofed it better? Watch both, and you decide!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

We have a new video coming out, called “All Day with Elmo” — and figured we’d put together a comic to celebrate!

Do not turn the page.

We hear there is a MONSTER at the end of this book.

(And we probably do not want monsters on Tumblr now, do we?)

On Wednesday Elmo, Grover, Rosita, Cookie Monster, and Katie, a Muppet created especially for Sesame Street's USO tour, stopped by an Arizona Diamondbacks game in Phoenix. Elmo even got to throw out the first pitch. Check out the photos from their trip to the ballgame.