NASA asks if anyone else thinks that the crater pictured above, on Mercury, looks like Cookie Monster

We think so. Now that we think about it, maybe Mercury is Cookie Monster, or his distant cousin maybe (?), and it’s circling the Sun in hopes of om nom noming some space cookies or something.

Okay, maybe not. 

Anyway NASA, thanks for thinking of us. 

We were kind of hoping that NASA’s Curiosity rover would have sent this back as its first picture from Mars.

Elmo’s in control of this mission.

There are zero “G”s in “Elmo.”

See?  He really did make it to the flight deck!

During his trip to NASA, Elmo got to see the Vehicle Assembly Building (that big building in the background). It’s the largest single story building in the world and its doors are the biggest anywhere, stretching over 450 feet up!